What is the production process of fertilizer production line?


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When we talk about fertilizer production line, generally we are talking about two kinds of fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer production line and compound fertilizer production line. The process flow of making compound fertilizer production line is the same as the npk fertilizer production line we mentioned in the previous articles. The specific process can vary depending on the type of fertilizer being produced, such as nitrogen-based (N), phosphorus-based (P), potassium-based (K), or compound fertilizers. Here is a general overview of the typical process involved in fertilizer production:

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How to handle the raw material of compound fertilizer?

The first step in fertilizer production is the handling and preparation of raw materials. Typical raw material are urea, ammonia and phosphorus, there raw material exist in different form, therefore the fist step is crushing of the raw material.


What is the first step of making fertilizer?

The second stage is the blending and mixing of the raw materials that reached the required particle size. Some of the raw material needs special treatment in order to be qualified for fertilizer making for example the phosphoric rock needs to be reacted with acid to form ammonium nitrate, or you can purchase these raw materials from the local market directly.


What is fertilizer granulation?

After the raw materials are mixed evenly, all the material will be dumped into the main conveyor belt together and enters the fertilizer drum granulator. What is happening inside the granulator is a process called agglomerate, with the help of the steam, the particles are formed with the aid of rotational motion. Other fertilizer granulation method can also be adopted according to the owner’s specific needs. Also the fertilizer granulation process involves the addition of binders to make the particles stronger together.


what you should know about drying and cooling of fertilizer?

Water moisture is removed from the granule in order to stabilize the physical property of the fertilizer, and fertilizer rotary cooler is used to cool the fertilizer to temperature required to proceed to the next step.


What is the coating production process of fertilizer?

In our TONGLI production line we use either rotary screener or vibrate screener to filter out the unqualified particle and send them back to the main conveyor to achieve a circulation. By doing this, it can greatly improve the agglomerate of the granulation also greatly enhance the output of the whole fertilizer production line. The qualified fertilizer granule are then enters the rotary coater where anti-caking agent and coating oil are sprayed on the particle to improve its physical and chemical property.


What is the last step of making compound fertilizer?

The final stage of the fertilizer production involves packaging the finished product into appropriate containers or bags. The packaging is designed to protect the granules from moisture, sunlight, and other external factors. TONGLI offers automatic packaging scales that can reach 800 bags per hour, also TONGLI offers automatic bagging machine which can save the labor cost further.


What you should know about fertilizer production line?

In conclusion, Fertilizer production lines have revolutionized the traditional fertilizer manufacturing process, offering numerous advantages over traditional fertilizer production methods. The incorporation of advanced technologies has reshaped the way fertilizers are produced, ensuring high production efficiency, improved product quality, and environmental sustainability.


This article was authored by technical writer: Richard zhu