Disc Granulator

The Disc Granulator is a highly efficient and versatile machine used for granulating various materials into uniform-sized granules. It is widely used in the chemical, fertilizer, and mining industries. This granulator features a disc-shaped design with a rotating disc that evenly distributes the material for granulation. It offers high productivity, precise control, and excellent pellet quality.

The Disc Granulator operates by feeding the materials onto the rotating disc, where they are evenly spread and subjected to the centrifugal force. This force helps to shape the materials into round granules. The granules are then discharged through the adjustable scraper plate, ensuring a consistent and uniform product.

This granulator is designed for easy operation and maintenance. It is equipped with a sturdy frame and a reliable gearbox system to ensure long-lasting performance. The disc is made of corrosion-resistant materials, providing durability and resistance to wear and tear. The granulator also features a variable speed control, allowing for precise adjustment of the disc rotation to achieve the desired granule size.

Granulating Diameter: 1-10 mm

Capacity: Customizable

Disc Diameter: 500-2200 mm

Motor Power: Customizable

Rotation Speed: Variable speed control

Material: Corrosion-resistant materials

Application: Chemical, fertilizer, mining industries

Operation: Easy and user-friendly

Maintenance: Simple and convenient

The Disc Granulator is a reliable and efficient solution for granulating various materials. Its robust construction, precise control, and high-quality granule production make it an ideal choice for industries that require consistent and uniform granules. Whether you need to granulate chemicals, fertilizers, or other materials, this disc granulator offers exceptional performance and reliability.