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Dry Type BB Fertilizer Blending Line

TONGLI offers Dry type BB fertilizer Blending Line ranges from 500,000 TPY up to 300,000 TPY based on customer’s specific requirement. TONGLI design detailed process route according to the finished product formula required by the customer to ensure that every solution is customized and closer to the user's actual situation.

BB Fertilizer Blending Line

Dry type BB fertilizer Blending Line is composed of three parts, raw material batching system, Blending and Coating system, Packing system. In specific it is composed of auto batching system,rotary drum coating machine, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, bag filter, dust removal centrifugal blower and automatic packing machine. Palletizing robots are also optional. Coated metering pump, anti-caking agent screw conveyor and finished product metering scale form a chain system to control the amount of powder and oil in real time.

BB 水印

  • The key equipment is made of SS304 stainless steel, which greatly prolongs the service life of the equipment.

  • Small investment, small footprint, can adapt to various working environments.

  • Automatic packing speed up to 800 packs per hour.

  • The main electrical components of the electric control cabinet are Schneider, and the protection level is IP40.

  • The batching system is controlled by Siemens PLC, electronically weighed, and the ratio is strictly controlled, and the error of various ingredients is less than 5/1000.

  • Touch screen control, fully automated production, reducing staff and reducing labor costs.

  • Raw material batching: Raw material particles are metered by the DCS automatic batching system.

  • Coating: After screening, the qualified materials enter the coating machine and mix with coating oil and anti-caking agent to produce finished products.

  • Packing: the finished product is packed by automatic quantitative packing scale. The bag is then automatic folded and automatic sewed.

  • Palletizing: The packaged finished products are stacked by a palletizer.