Automatic Batching System


TONGLI DCS Auto Batching System is wildly used in the fertilizer industry. TONGLI provides automatic batching systems such as single-belt scales, double-belt scales, and loss-in-weight scales. Generally, 3-10 sets of weighing scales form a batching system. TONGLI's automatic batching system adopts an optimized algorithm, which has high measurement accuracy, overcomes the influence of belt deviation, sticky materials, etc., feeds uniformly, and has small fluctuations in belt speed.


1. The whole process is controlled by DCS central control system, which can realize remote modification of ingredient formula.

2. High measurement accuracy.

3. Adopt special motor reducer.

4. Equipped with blanking baffle and sealing cover.


The double-belt scale is composed of upper and lower belts, the upper belt is the feeding belt, and the lower belt is the weighing belt. The loss-in-weight scale is composed of a feeding bin, a feeding belt conveyor, and a feeding mechanism. The system adjusts the speed of the frequency converter according to the control amount of the continuous weight loss accounting cycle to achieve the purpose of accurately controlling the amount of ingredients. For materials with good fluidity, the replica valve is used for free-fall feeding. For materials with poor fluidity, the belt is used for forced feeding, and automatic feeding is started when the material level in the metering bin is lower than the lower limit. The batching system is controlled by PLC. The data of each belt scale is uploaded to the computer display, and the ingredient formula can be remotely modified on the computer.