Hot Air Generator


TONGLI provides hot air stoves that use different media as fuel, coal-fired (biomass) hot air stoves, natural gas hot air stoves, oil-fired hot air stoves, and coal-fired and fuel-fired dual-purpose hot air stoves. TONGLI has rich experience in the drying of the compound fertilizer. In recent years, TONGLI has developed a hot air stove and steam boiler integrated drying system with independent intellectual property rights, which has remarkable energy-saving and environmental protection effects and saves energy costs for customers.



1. Temperature adjustable

2. Automatic slag discharge

3. Coal-fired and fuel-fired dual-purpose hot air generator

4. high cleanliness, does not affect the color of the finished product

5. High-alumina clay bricks are used, and the high-temperature part third-grade high-alumina brick are used.


The raw coal enters the hot blast stove through the coal feeder, and is fed into the combustion chamber of the coal burner by the chain grate at a uniform speed for combustion, and the secondary combustion is carried out in the cyclone burnout chamber. A small amount of dust entrained during the combustion process aggregates and settles in the secondary combustion chamber. The final clean hot air enters the drying equipment after being mixed to the specified process temperature through the cold air valve