Automatic Packing Machine


Automatic packing machine is an electronic scale for automatic quantitative weighing of bulk materials. TONGLI automatic quantitative packaging system is composed of automatic quantitative packaging scale, sewing machine, folding machine, sewing conveyor and controlled by PLC touch screen.

Compared with other manufacturers, TONGLI uses a servo motor to control the feeding mechanism, with higher weighing accuracy and faster speed, and the overall use of SS304 stainless steel. The automatic quantitative packaging scale is connected with a folding machine and a bag sewing machine to realize automatic folding and automatic bag sewing, reduce labor and improve work efficiency.

Weighing Speed: max 1200bags/h 20-50kg.


1. PLC controlled, equipped with SS304 on-site control cabinet.

2. The automatic quantitative packaging scale is fed by the servo motor control, the measurement accuracy is higher than the traditional cylinder packaging scale, and the efficiency is higher.

3. The material of the automatic packaging scale is all SS304 stainless steel.

4. Main components of bag sewing machine, edge folding machine and bag sewing conveyor :SS304 stainless steel.


The automatic packing machine composed by weighing sensor, weighing instrument and weighing transmitter. With programmed PLC control the machinery movement the process flow needed. Reasonable use of mechanical design, mechanical processing, sheet metal technology, surface treatment and other techniques to make the actuator in coordination with the control system to form a perfect combination. The folding machine, the bag sewing machine and the bag sewing conveyor are interlocked through the PLC, which can effectively control the passing speed of the finished product to achieve high-efficiency bag sewing.