Automatic Bagging Machine

Product Description:

Automatic bagging machine is a kind of packaging equipment suitable for pillow type bag which is used for taking bag, slipping the bag on the bad clamping top by robot arm, material filling and sealing operation. Usually used in conjunction with an automatic packaging scale, the finished material enters the automatic bagging machine through the automatic quantitative packaging scale, and the automatic bagging machine completes automatic bagging and subsequent hemming and sewing. The automatic bagging machine can reduce labor, and the bagging speed can reach 800-1000 bags per hour. Applicable materials: NPK Fertilizer, Compound fertilizer, PP, PVC….etc.



1. Using the robot arm instead of manual bagging.

2. Especially suitable for double-layer bag in fertilizer industry.

3. Effectively reduce the cost of labor.

4. Lower spillage rate.

5. Siemens PLC controlled.


The automatic bagging system consists of a bag storehouse, a bagging mechanism, an unloading bag clamping device, a bottom rapping device, a bag feeding trolley, a vacuum pump, etc. It can realize automatic bagging, automatic unloading, automatic bag clamping, automatic sealing and other functions. instead of labor.