Low Voltage Power Distribution


Compared with other manufacturers, TONGLI has rich experience in low-voltage power distribution of compound fertilizers, including interlocking devices in PLC, interlocking control in the finished product coating system, and automatic control of the automatic batching part. The environment of the compound fertilizer plant is relatively corrosive, so TONGLI has also given full consideration to the selection of some key components. Compared with other manufacturers, TONGLI also has unique advantages in terms of workmanship.


Material selection:The busbars used in our cabinet are Chinese top brands, we provide material testing reports. Brand of the electrical components: Schneider or Chinese top brand.  

In terms of safety:  We use draw-out circuit breakers to ensure that all cabinets are powered off after being drawn out. We have installed an operating handle outside the cabinet door of the electric control cabinet, which can realize the switch of the circuit breaker outside the cabinet door. We have installed acrylic glass plate in the cabinet for protection, which can effectively prevent sparks from hurting people.

In terms of installation: We will mark each terminal to facilitate on-site personnel installation, and attach corresponding equipment labels in the cabinet to facilitate maintenance.

In terms of equipment design: We continue to update the configuration of the cabinet every year based on customer feedback to ensure that customers are satisfied during use.