FRP Chimney


FRP chimney is widely used in power, fertilizer, chemical, petroleum and other industries, as a corrosive or high temperature flue gas treatment equipment. TONGLI offers a variety of FRP products: FRP chimney, FRP Washing Tower, FRP Venturi Scrubber, FRP Pipe line. TONGLI's FRP chimney is specially designed for the drying and granulation tail gas of the compound fertilizer production line. It uses glass fiber and #196 resin from China JUSHI, and its equipment life and corrosion resistance exceed the FRP chimneys of other manufacturers.



1. Compared with other manufacturers, TONGLI's FRP chimney materials are more sophisticated. TONGLI uses glass fiber and 196 resin from China JUSHI, which is specially designed for the exhaust gas of compound fertilizer drying and granulation.

2. TONGLI's FRP chimney consists of 4 layers, the inner lining layer is made of 901 resin, the middle reinforcement layer is reinforced with 196 resin, and the outer layer is attached with an anti-ultraviolet gel coat.

3. TONGLI's FRP chimney is easy to install on site, with flange connection.


FRP chimney's main material FRP(glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic, also named GRP), has outstanding chemical and physical character: lighter than many metals in same strength, chemically inert under many circumstances, non-magnetic, non-conductive. TONGLI heavy machinery apply FRP chimney into the compound fertilizer production flow to ensure production line environmental, economic and longevity.