Steam Boiler


TONGLI WNS horizontal steam boiler, applicable fuel: natural gas, biomass, coal, oil. Provide steam for the entire steam drum granulation line. Three return passes are used to ensure sufficient heating area, and the combustion space is large and the heat exchange effect is good.



1. High heat transfer efficiency, up to 95%.

2. Equipped with a high-quality burner, the combustion is complete, and the blackness of the smoke is lower than the Ringelmann level one.

3. Advanced control system, the main pump valve adopts domestic famous brand.

4. Easy maintenance, equipped with maintenance window.

5. Equipped with combustion load regulation, overpressure protection, temperature alarm, water level alarm and other automatic control systems.


TONGLI 5t steam boiler is composed of boiler body, combustion equipment, front and rear smoke boxes, chassis, electric control box, shell and other components. The main body is a horizontal wet-back three-pass shell structure, and the furnace is a straight furnace or a corrugated furnace. The heating surface of the second and third return trips is composed of smoke pipes. The boiler uses ceramic fiber with high thermal insulation performance as the insulation layer, and the outer shell is made of color steel tiles.