What are the machines in fertilizer industry?


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TONGLI standard npk compound fertilizer production line is equipped with a variety of machines including: rotary granulator, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, rotary coater and other auxiliary equipment as well. Here are some commonly used machines in the fertilizer industry:


What are the Crushers in compound fertilizer industry?

There are three types of crushers in fertilizer industry, most used crushers are chain crushers, bulk crushers and hammer crushers. These equipments are used to break down large raw materials into smaller particles to facilitate the downstream processes.


What are the mixers in compound fertilizer industry?

Mixers are used to combine different raw materials to uniform composition. Commonly used mixers in compound fertilizer industry are the pan mixers and vertical mixer, sometimes double shaft mixer is also adopted according to the specific process flow design.


How does granulators used in compound fertilizer industry?

Granulators are used to make raw materials into granular forms, commonly seen granulators are as follows: rotary drum granulator is the most commonly used granulator In compound fertilizer industry, other granulators like roller press granulator are also widely used in the fertilizer industry but has restriction to the water moisture of the raw material.


What are the dryers in compound fertilizer industry?

Dryers are used to remove moisture from the fertilizer. There are two types of dryer used in the compound fertilizer industry, one is direct burning dryer where the hot air is in directly contact with the material, another is called indirect burning dryer in which the hot air is not in contact with the fertilizer to ensure a purity of the color. However recent years more options are made available with the development of the hot air generator, if the gas coming out from the hot gas generator is pure enough then it can be directly In contact with the material.

What are the coolers in compound fertilizer industry?

Cooler are used to cool down the temperature of the material to ambient temperature to facilitate the next process, cooler is very important to the stabilization of the fertilizer and prevent moisture regain.


What are the screening machines in compound fertilizer industry?

Screening machines are used to separate the granular fertilizer into different particle sizes or fractions. There are two type of screening machine in compound fertilizer industry, vibrate screener and rotary screen, often rotary screener is more favored in the fertilizer industry for better screening effect and easy maintenance.


What is the coating machine in compound fertilizer industry?

Coating machines’ function is to apply a protective coating to the fertilizer granules. The most used coating machine also known as rotary coater is adopted, TONGLI also provides a system that controls the flow rate of anti-caking agent and powder screw conveyor to ensure the coating rate of the compound fertilizer.


What are the machines in compound fertilizer industry?

The equipment listed in the above article are the most used equipment in the compound fertilizer industry, however the process flow and specification of the equipment may vary according to the requirement of the customer.