What equipment is used for granulation?


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The use of NPK compound fertilizer granulator can complete the granulation work. The granulator plays an important role in the process of compound fertilizer manufacturing. It can convert nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash fertilizer or inorganic fertilizer into uniform granules of the same size, making it an indispensable part of fertilizer production. The advantages of compound fertilizer granules far outweigh those of other fertilizers.


Granulation Equipment

The use of NPK compound fertilizer granulator is indispensable in the manufacturing and production of fertilizers. It has many benefits, such as converting tons of fertilizer into spherical granules with a diameter of 1mm-3mm, and the annual output value of the granulation equipment can greatly increase the yield and quality of fertilizers. Granulation equipment is an essential machine for every NPK compound fertilizer manufacturer.

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Features of Compound Fertilizer Granulation Equipment

The use of NPK compound fertilizer granulation equipment can increase the annual output of NPK compound fertilizer by more than 300%. Tongli's NPK compound fertilizer granulator can produce up to 8 tons of fertilizer per hour.

Our NPK compound fertilizer granulation equipment has rich production experience, has been researched for many years, and possesses world-leading technology. It has low emissions, solves power issues, has low noise, is easy to maintain, and has a long service life.

NPK granulation equipment can produce granules of different concentrations and sizes, which are very uniform, and can produce different types of compound fertilizers. Our NPK compound fertilizer granulation equipment has excellent corrosion resistance, a very long service life, and is easy to maintain.

What are the different types of compound fertilizer granulators?

Compound fertilizer granulator is a device used to make compound fertilizer materials into granules. The most common types are dry granulator and wet drum granulator.

Dry Granulator

Dry granulator is suitable for compressing powdered or granular materials into granules through mechanical compression, without the need to add wetting agents or binders. This granulator often uses pressure rollers to press the raw materials into granules.

Wet Drum Granulator

Wet drum granulator mixes raw materials with wetting agents or binders, and then uses a rotating drum for granulation. This method is suitable for situations where some materials need to be granulated under moist conditions.

Where can NPK compound fertilizer granulation equipment be used?

NPK compound fertilizer granulation equipment is mainly used in agricultural production and can be used to produce various types of compound fertilizer granules, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash compound fertilizer, ammonium phosphate compound fertilizer, etc. These fertilizers are widely used in the fertilization process of crops such as farmland, orchards, and vegetable greenhouses. By using NPK compound fertilizer granulation equipment, the utilization rate of fertilizers can be improved, crop growth can be promoted, and crop yield can be increased.