How Is Granular Fertilizer Made?


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Granular fertilizer is a common form of fertilizer that is made through a number of steps, including raw material handling, mixing, granulation, drying and packaging. The following is a detailed description of the granular fertilizer manufacturing process and the associated processes.

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Raw material processing

The production of granular fertilizer first needs to prepare a variety of raw materials, including nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash and so on. These raw materials usually exist in powder or granular form, and need to be crushed and sieved to ensure that the raw material granularity and composition of uniform. At the same time, the raw materials need to be chemically analyzed to ensure that the composition and ratio of the raw materials meet the production requirements.



After the raw material treatment of various fertilizer raw materials need to be mixed to ensure that the proportion of various nutrients to meet the requirements of the product formula. The mixing process requires the use of mixers and other equipment to mix the various raw materials to ensure the uniform distribution of nutrients in the finished granular fertilizer.


Mixed fertilizer raw materials need to be granulated through the granulator. Pellet machine through the roller, extrusion and other ways to press the raw materials into granular form, the formation of granular fertilizer. In the process of granularization, the size and shape of the particles can be adjusted according to the product requirements to meet the market demand.


The granulated fertilizer needs to be dried to reduce the moisture content of the granular fertilizer and improve its storage stability. Usually, rotary dryer and other equipment are used for drying treatment to evaporate the water in the fertilizer granules and make it reach the proper moisture content.


After drying treatment of granular fertilizer needs to be packaged for storage and transportation. Usually use automatic packaging machine and other equipment for granular fertilizer packaging, it will be put into the appropriate bag, and then sealed. At the same time, in the packaging process also need to carry out quality inspection of the product to ensure that the product quality meets the standard requirements.


Quality Inspection

In the whole production process, the raw materials, mixed fertilizers, granular fertilizers, etc. need to carry out strict quality inspection to ensure that the composition, granularity, moisture content, etc. of the product meets the relevant standards and product requirements. Through various testing means, such as laboratory analysis, granularity analysis, etc., to ensure that the quality of the product is stable and reliable.


The production process of granular fertilizer goes through many steps such as raw material treatment, mixing, granularity, drying, packaging and quality inspection, which need to be completed with the help of various equipment and processes. Through the introduction of this article, we hope to have a more comprehensive understanding of the production process of granular fertilizer and related processes, to provide certain reference and help for fertilizer production.