​what is compound fertilizer production line


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Compound fertilizer production line refers to a series of different processing equipment that is used to produce compound fertilizers.  The elements involved in the compound fertilizer are as follows: N stands for nitrogen, P stands for phosphorus, K stands for potassium, these elements can be found in varies raw materials, a production line that processes these raw materials into fertilizer is what we call a compound fertilizer production line. The general process flow of a compound fertilizer production line involves raw material handling, raw material batching, granulating, drying, cooling, coating, and packaging, sometimes even palletizing is included.

What is the first step of making compound fertilizer?

The first step of making any fertilizer is the raw material handling, the raw materials are exist in different form, some are in bulks, some are in powder, therefore the first step of making any fertilizer is to crush or to grind the raw material to the qualified particle size to facilitate the upcoming procedure.

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What is the second stage of compound fertilizer production line?

When the raw material is processed into the qualified size then all the raw materials will be fed onto the main conveyor belt to the vertical mixer to ensure the uniform size of the content. After that the evenly mixed raw material will enter the granulator with the add-ups for granulation process.

What are the procedures of making compound fertilizer?

After granulation, the moisture of the granule needs to be removed therefore the rotary drum dryer is adopted to remove the excess water in the granule. In order to facilitate the drying process, a rotary drum cooler is equipped with the dryer. The rotary cooler has two functions, one is to further remove the moisture inside the granule, to prevent the regain of moisture. Another function of rotary cooler is to cool the fertilizer to the required temperature for upcoming procedure.

What are the steps of making compound fertilizer?

After cooling of the fertilizer, unqualified granules will be sorted out by the rotary screener or sometimes vibrate screener, the rotary screener has a better classification effect while the vibrate screener occupies smaller area. IN TONGLI standard production line, there are coarse screener, fine screener and finished product screener, the unqualified particles will be sent back to the first step achieves a circulation, greatly enhance the agglomerate rate of the whole compound fertilizer production line which will increase the output.

What is the last step of making compound fertilizer production line?

The last step of making compound fertilizer production line is the coating of the finished product which coating materials is applied to the surface of the granules using rotary coating machines. Coatings may control fertilizer inner nutrient release speed, increase resistance to moisture, or provide specific properties to meet the desired requirements. After coating, the finished product is being weighed by the numerical controlled automatic packaging scale, this packaging machine can quantitively control the weight of fertilizer of each package, the speed can reach 800 bags per hour using the servo motor technology.

What is compound fertilizer production line?

Compound fertilizer production line also refer to as NPK compound fertilizer production line which utilizes fertilizer production equipment like rotary granulator, rotary drum dryer, rotary cooler, rotary coater and other auxiliary equipment to achieve the function of producing NPK compound fertilizers. The specifications of the rotary equipment and the process flow of the whole production line may vary depending on the raw materials available and the customer’s specific request.

This article is authored by fertilizer technical writer Richard zhu