Which equipment is used for fertilizer?


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In the NPK compound fertilizer industry there are a lot of equipment being used during the production process, this article is going to introduce a series of different equipment used in the production of NPK compound fertilizer and their operating mechanism. So, fertilizer based on its shape can be divided into two kinds, liquid and granular, granular form fertilizer is widely used in the industry for its advantage in terms of storage and resistance to corrosion.

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What equipment is used for the crushing of NPK compound fertilizer?

Three types of crushers are widely being used in the NPK compound fertilizer industry, raw materials are crushed and ground into fine particles by fertilizer equipment chain crusher, bulk crusher and hammer crusher to the required particle size to improve their reactivity and facilitate efficient nutrient release also to prepare for the upcoming procedure.


Which equipment is suitable for Producing NPK compound fertilizer?

One of the important steps in the NPK fertilizer production line is granulation, according to different process flow, the granulators can be characterized as steam rotary drum granulator, round granule extrusion granulator and irregular granule extrusion granulator. For NPK compound fertilizer production line, steam drum rotary granulator is adopted, it is used along with the steam boiler and ammonia to transform the raw materials from powder to granule, the output of this kind of granulation method is very high compare to the rest granulation method.


Which equipment is used for fertilizer dryer and cooling?

Rotary dryer and cooler are used for the drying and cooling of the fertilizer, the structure of the dryer and cooler is specially designed in order to achieve the efficient drying and cooling of the fertilizer. The dryer and cooler are composed of girth gear, pinion, pinion shaft, riding ring and motor with reducer. The dryer is also equipped with auxiliary drive to facilitate the emergency maintenance. TONGLI’s dryer ranges from diameter 2.8 to diameter 6.5 based on different process flow and desired output.


Which equipment is used for compound fertilizer production line?

Various equipments are used for producing NPK compound fertilizers, these equipment includes rotary granulator, rotary drum dryer and cooler, rotary drum coating machine, as well as the dust collecting system and automatic matching system. Based on specific process flow and different product the equipment suitable for producing compound fertilizer may also vary.


This article is authored by full-time technical writer Richard zhu