How to store granular fertilizer?


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“How to keep your granular fertilizer” this is a frequently asked question we receive from our customers. In order to maintain the quality of the fertilizer, we recommend our fertilizer producers to do the following:

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What container I should use to keep the granular fertilizer?

Storage of granular fertilize is important to the quality and nutrient keeping. A good container can make sure the fertilizer stays effective when applied to corps. For small amount of fertilizer keeping, use glass can effectively maintain the nutrient of the fertilizer. If the fertilizer is in bulks, please ensure they are sealed properly to prevent moisture ingress.


Where I should store the fertilizer?

Fertilizer should be stored in dry location, moisture can result in the caking of the fertilizer and thus result in the loss of nutrient, loss of the effectiveness when applied to the corps. Therefore, prevent the moisture absorption is important, recommend you to use bracket or other object to prevent direct contact with the floor. Good ventilation is also crucial to the storage of granular fertilizers.


What temperature is suitable for fertilizer storage?

It is necessary to maintain the temperature control, avoid expose the sunlight and avoid expose to excessive heat or cold as they can negatively affect the fertilizer's quality and stability. High temperatures can lead to nutrient breakdown, while freezing temperatures may cause moisture absorption and subsequent caking. It is necessary to maintain a moderate temperate around 15-20 degrees C.


How to store the granular fertilizer?

One thing to be noted while keeping the fertilizer is to prevent insects, rodents, or birds from accessing and damaging the stored fertilizer. Periodically Inspection is required, inspect the stored fertilizer for any signs of caking, moisture, or deterioration for if there are any signs of pests it can be found out and take necessary action immediately.


What you should know to store the granular fertilizer?

By following the above guidelines, you should have maintained the quality and effectiveness of granular fertilizer successfully. Coating agent is also important in terms of granular fertilizer storage, good coating can prevent fertilizer from caking and more resistance to moisture, therefore you should choose a Good fertilizer rotary coating machine supplier like TONGLI.


This article is written by Full-time technical writer Richard Zhu