Is liquid fertilizer better than granular?


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Is liquid fertilizer better than granular, the answer is it depends on various factors first of all the type of corps is an important measure, and the soil condition is also an important factor. Granular fertilizer has its own advantages as well as liquid fertilizer, therefore we cannot simply reply which one is better, it really depends on a lot of factors.


What are the advantages of granular fertilizer?

Granular fertilizer has a long release period, which is achieved by its long-release formula to ensure the consistent supply of nutrition to the plants. Some of the granular fertilizer can be effective for years due to its unique formula and coating.


Granular fertilizer is easy to storage, in the compound fertilizer production line, the fertilizers are being packed in 25kg bags and 50kg bags, and the bags are double layer bags hot sealed, therefore with the aid of the coating, the fertilizer can be effective for longer period of time compare with liquid fertilizer.


Granular fertilizer is more sustainable, granular fertilizer can improve the soil structure and elevate the soil nutrient level, organic fertilizer is even more sustainable than in-organic fertilizer in terms of lasting period. Therefore the combination of using organic and in-organic fertilizer can enhance the soil fertility.


What are the advantages of liquid fertilizer?

Liquid fertilizer is easy to be absorbed by the plants as they are in liquid form. The nutrition of liquid fertilizer can quickly being absorb by the plant roots which is faster compare with granular fertilizer.


Liquid fertilizer can be easily sprayed using drone or other tools, allowing uniform coverage and it is really effective to the leaves.


Liquid fertilizer have more options in terms of composition, it has a great flexibility in its formula. The formula of the liquid fertilizer can be customized according to the local soil condition and the corps.



Is granular fertilizer better than liquid fertilizer?

It depends on the corps’ nutrition requirement and local soil conditions, there are serious factor involved therefore it is no definite answer. When deciding what fertilizer to use, it is better to ask an agriculture expert and then decide. TONGLI provides tailored recommendations based on your specific need.



This article is written by Full-time technical writer Richard Zhu